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St Peter's as a Church School

St Peter's Church of England First school

Valuing our Christian foundation, we care for each other and our world.  

We want our children to develop a true love and inspiration for learning whilst also learning to love and accept others; to value the uniqueness that makes us all special.

St Peter’s supports and nurtures every child by ensuring they have the opportunities to develop their Christian character through our diverse curriculum; inspiring and motivating everyone to thrive.


Our Mission

To place the child at the centre of our thinking and in so doing, we aim for our children to flourish in the development of good character and high academic achievements.


Our Vision

At St Peter’s, we believe that a happy child is a successful one.

Our vision to “LOVE, LEARN, FLOURISH”, and our Christian Values are central to all that we do, and are based on Paul’s teaching “Let all that you do be done in love”.

We ensure our children are nurtured as individuals to shine brightly with confidence to be the best version of themselves and to develop skills, knowledge  and responsibilities for life.


And everything you do must be done in love.   

(1 Corinthians 16:13-14)



LOVE        - "Since God loved us, so we must love one another" 

                    1 John 4 v11

LEARN      - “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

                    Prov 22:6

FLOURISH - “I have come so that they may have life and have it in all its fullness”   John 10:10

                    Flourishing is about life being the way it is meant to be, in a relationship with God

                    and with others; being allowed to be who you are, to grow, to learn, to love.



Our Values 

We Respect each other and our community

We show Kindness to everyone and value friendship

We trust one another to take Responsibility for our actions and our learning

We Persevere when things get tough and try to reach our goals

We show Courage when are faced with extraordinary situations.

And everything we do, must be done in love.




At St. Peter's we value spirituality and believe a spiritual person knows that there are entities in our world that we can neither see, touch nor understand but that we can feel. Such experiences allow us to have a sense of belonging to something greater than our human selves, in which we play a small but important part.


We provide children with opportunities for spiritual development in three ways:

WINDOWS: giving children opportunities to become aware of the world in new ways; to wonder about life's 'Wows' (things that are amazing) and 'ows' (things that bring us up short). In this, children are learning about life in all its fullness.


MIRRORS: giving children opportunities to reflect on their experiences; to meditate on life's big questions and to consider some possible answers. In this they are learning from life by exploring their own insights and perspectives and those of others.


DOORS: giving children opportunities to respond to all of this; to do something creative as a means of expressing, applying and further developing their thoughts and convictions. In this they are learning to live by putting into action what they are coming to believe and value.


Opportunities to develop personal spirituality at St Peter’s…

At St Peter’s we offer endless opportunities for all children and members of the school community to explore spirituality. As a Church of England school this often reflects our distinctively Christian character.


In school we give opportunities for reflection. Be it in lessons or collective worship, children develop an understanding of looking back and reflecting on what they have experienced. The focus is to help us in our lives today and tomorrow.


This may take the form of looking back and taking from the past, from a Bible story, from a picture/icon/view/learning experience. Each class have a Singing Bowl that is used to focus our thinking. Some of the activities that are used include mindful colouring, mindful music (sometimes linked to a musician and incorporating a wide range of genres).

At St Peter’s, we ensure we offer a diverse range of prompts to promote discussion and reflections about our immediate community and beyond. For example, we have a range of books that are faith sensitive and inclusive. We have begun work around ensuring the children are given opportunities to discuss what their interests and preferences are and also ways in which we can promote and celebrate their achievements and interests outside of school.


Throughout the school year we plan a rich variety of opportunities to our children, staff and families to enable each of us to engage in occasions that enlighten and develop our personal spiritual journeys. By following the liturgical calendar as a starting point, we have recorded below a range of these opportunities. This list is by no means complete, as throughout each day opportunities arise to share in our spiritual journeys.