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Physical Education



At St Peter’s Church of England First school, we aim to promote a love of physical activity through a fun, challenging and engaging curriculum that encourages all children to adopt a healthy and active life style. Children are encouraged to challenge themselves and self-motivate, choosing the challenges that are appropriate for their current ability ensuring good progress. Our curriculum encourages teamwork, co-operation and resilience which builds on core and fundamental skills that will encourage children to be confident in all aspects of their immediate and future lives.   


Physical activity is essential for good health and contributes to positive well-being. Many of the leading causes of disease in today’s society are associated with physical inactivity. Physical activity during the early years and childhood are strong indicators of future behaviours including educational attainment, health and happiness. Simple games during early childhood help to improve confidence and instil a sense of achievement. Sedentary behaviour can lead to an increase in social and emotional health concerns.



The school’s approach to physical activity is to both maximise the potential of break and lunch times, whilst also providing opportunities to move during lessons. Our vision for physical activity at St Peter’s is to create healthy habits for life, increase pupil fitness, engage more challenging pupils and decrease child obesity.

Children will benefit from participation in physical activity by developing their social skills, retaining more knowledge, becoming fitter and enjoying a wider range of lessons.


Gymnastics Competition 


On Wednesday 23rd November, four children in Year 1 and 2 attended a gymnastic competition against other schools in the local area. The children worked hard and were very determined during their routine. It was lovely to see them being so encouraging towards one another.  


Well done to Teejay, Isabelle, Frances and Brodie!