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Our vision for Music at St Peter's Church of England First School.


At St Peter's School we understand the vital role music plays in supporting children’s emotional well being and developing confidence in an engaging, practical way.  Music gives all children a “chance to shine”, take part and feel valued. At St Peter's School we provide a rich curriculum of music activities that celebrates music throughout time and from many different cultures. Music is used to unite children (and the wider school community) bringing them together through song, performance and praise.


At St Peter's School, our music curriculum provides opportunities to  

  • create music and compose

  • learn and play unpitched and pitched instruments

  • Take part in performance either as an ensemble or solo  

  • Listen and appraise music from a wide range of genres  

  • Learn an instrument as an individual (paid for by parents)  

  • Enjoy music based clubs such as choir


By the time a child leaves St Peter's School to attend middle school they should be able to listen and appraise music using a range of musical instruments and voice. Children will have had the opportunity to sing in harmony and perform both voice and instrumental pieces. Children should have an understanding of the history of music and be able to talk about the features of music. Children will have been exposed to musical notation and should have some understanding of this.