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Early Years and Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage


When our children first start school they enter into our reception class. Our aim is to provide a stimulating, exciting, environment where children can enjoy learning and where the needs of the whole child can be met in a variety of ways. There is a balance between whole class teaching, small group work and free-flow structured and independent play. During free-flow play, adults support and extend learning, as well as making assessments of children’s independent learning. In Oak class there is a flowing environment to the outdoors where children are able to manage their own play and are able to confidently access their learning environment.

All children will follow a curriculum consisting of the ‘development matters’ stages of the Early Years Foundation Stage. In time, the early learning goals are introduced and our goal is to support children in meeting these by the time they leave the Foundation Stage and enter Key Stage One. 


The children’s skills are constantly being assessed in each area of learning. By doing this the teacher can provide opportunities to extend learning in areas needed and to plan for the interests of the children. Our reception children join in with the rest of the school and enjoy becoming a part of our exciting community.


We have good links with the on-site nursery, St Peter's Nursery. Transition from nursery into reception begins in the spring term where staff begin to exchange information about the children's needs and the school staff make visits to the nursery to see the children in the environment they feel at ease in. In the summer term, the children visit the classroom and playground and we invite the children for stay and play sessions. This transition has proved successful as it helps children settle into school quickly as they are familiar with the teacher and supporting adults. Children transferring from different nurseries into reception are visited by the class teacher in the summer term preceding their entry to school. When children start school they will attend part-time initially for the first week in September, as we believe this helps all the children to settle happily and confidently into their new school, classroom and routines.