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The Academic Improvement Board (AIB) is responsible for standards at St Peter's including academic standards, safeguarding, the quality of teaching and learning and the curriculum. The Parent Community Group are responsible for well-being and community involvement.


The AIB meetings begin with a prayer that has been written to remind members to embody the School vision and Christian distinctiveness in order to ensure children are given every opportunity to thrive and flourish. 


Loving Father,


As we gather at this first meeting of the academic year, we pray for your guidance. 


Help us to accept our responsibilities with courage and to stand true to what is right. 

In doing so, help us to persevere if the challenges we encounter prove daunting; remembering that our children are at the very heart of everything we do.


May we treat those we meet with respect and kindness so that we will always be a school, a village, a world, where all feel included, welcome and safe. 


Help us to ensure that our decisions are based on careful consideration and wise choices, as we continue to support this community in love, to learn and for all to flourish.