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Special Educational Needs

SENCO: Ms Dot Jones 


To make an appointment, please contact the school office

Tel: 01984 632480

Address: Doniford Road, Williton, Somerset, TA4 4SF

Special Educational Needs & Disability

All staff at St Peter’s Church of England First School are committed to ensuring that all our children learn successfully. We recognise that it is the responsibility of all staff in school to contribute to the identification and support of children’s special needs.


We are an inclusive school, working together with parents/carers and a wide range of outside agencies and professionals. This enables us to provide individualised provision to best meet any additional educational, social and emotional needs for our pupils.



We believe that:

  • All children, including those with SEN, should be valued equally and have their needs met
  • It is our responsibility to maximize the attainment and progress of all children in school
  • Provision for a child with SEN should match the nature of the need
  • Parents should be involved as partners throughout the process
  • An inclusive education should be provided
  • The views of the child should be sought and taken into account


Who do I see if I am worried?

  • Your child’s Class Teacher is your first point of contact. You can arrange to speak to the Class Teacher after school, usually by appointment.
  • You can also arrange to speak to the school’s SENCO - Ms Dot Jones.
  • An appointment can be made through the School Office.


Who might work with my child?

St Peter's First School has an excellent team of teachers and support staff that have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

It may be necessary to involve outside professionals to support the school in planning an appropriate for provision for your child. You will be included in the process of referring to these services. These could include:


  • Learning Support Advisory Teachers
  • Ups and Downs
  • Physical impairment and Medical Support
  • Hearing Impairment Advisory Teachers
  • Visual impairment Advisory Teachers
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health Advisory Teachers
  • Autism and Communication Advisors
  • Integrated Therapy Services which include Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy
  • School Nurse Team
  • CAMHS (Children and Adults Mental Health Services)
  • Children’s Social Care

The Graduated Response Toolkit

This tool guides users through how barriers to learning could be identified, and the strategies that might support children and young people with SEN in overcoming barriers.


Somerset’s Graduated Response Tool has been created to support all users to understand the Graduated Response to Special Educational Needs in the context of current legislation. The document makes it clear ‘what to expect’ in terms of what is provided and is written for parent carers, children and young people, school staff and those who provide services to families.


The tool sets out the provision that is ordinarily available in Somerset schools at both the Universal and Special Educational Needs (SEN) Support levels.

Somerset’s Graduated Response Tool

For information for children, young people and families including Somerset's Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Local Offer please click on the Somerset Choices link below.  To view the Local Offer choose "Somerset Choices for ages 0-25" and "Our Local Offer" 


Link to Somerset Choices: 

Click on the link below to view Local and Trust SEND Policies and Procedures:

Equality Duty

Under the Equality Act 2010 schools should have an Accessibility Plan. The Equality Act 2010 replaced all existing legislation, including the Disability Discrimination Act.

The effect of the law is the same as in the past, meaning that “schools cannot unlawfully discriminate against children because of sex, race, disability, religion, or belief and sexual orientation”. According to the Equality Act 2010 a person has a disability if:

  1. He or she has a physical or mental impairment, and

  2. The impairment has substantial and long term adverse effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day to day activities.

    The Accessibility Plan is listed as a statutory document of the Department for Education’s guidance on statutory policies for schools. The plan must be reviewed every three years and approved by the Governing Body.


Aim Of The Plan

At St Peter’s Church of England First School we are committed to working together to provide an inspirational and exciting learning environment where all children can develop an enthusiasm for lifelong learning. We believe that children should feel happy, safe and valued so that they gain a respectful, caring attitude towards each other and the environment both locally and globally.

Further Support

You are able to access parental support from Sue Burt, our PFSA (Parent Family Support Advisor).

Please see below for a leaflet explaining the role of the PFSA.


You can also contact Parent Partnership for advice on:

01823 355578

PFSA Support