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At St Peter’s we believe that fitness and healthy eating are key to improving outcomes for our children. In educating children about fitness and healthy eating we are preparing them to live a long and balanced life.


The aims of our action plan are to:

  • Increase the number of sports clubs being run.

  • Increase participation in sports clubs for all (analysing data to identify sub groups where there is significant under participation in comparison to other subgroups).

  • Ensure children have access to a wide range of sports through the PE Curriculum including swimming.

  • Increase staff competency in delivering great PE lessons.

  • Maintain and improve fitness levels of children.

  • Support a new member of staff as curriculum leader of PE.

  • Ensure that all children exercise every day.

  • Ensure our children are educated about healthy eating and lifestyles.

  • Put in place an intervention for children who are identified as unfit or not participating in sports so that they are able to enjoy and participate successfully in a sport /activity.

The action plan below is linked to these aims but many of them overlap and complement each other: