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Again the RRSA team met to discuss what had been decided about the charities that the children wanted to support.

Lewis from Year 3 talked to Reception class.  The majority of children in Reception wanted to support Fairtrade.

Ysabele from Year 3 talked to Year 1/R.  They chose Wateraid as the charity they wanted to support.  

Ysable and Lewis talked to Year 3.  The majority of Year 3 children chose Fairtrade.

Zoe and Ryan spoke to the Year 4 Class.  There was a clear majority who wanted to support Wateraid. 

Charlie and Niamh will speak to Year 2 today.  


It seems that there is quite a lot of support for both charities.  We decided that we should support both charities.



Next Thursday is our BIG DAY WORLD FOOD TOPIC.  We thought it would be a good ideas to spend part of the day researching Fairtrade foods.  What Fairtrade means and how we can support Fairtrade farmers.  Next Thursday, there will be a Fairtrade tuck shop at break time for children to purchase snacks.  All profits will go to Fairtrade.  The RRSA also wrote a letter to the COOP requesting donations of Fairtrade snacks for the tuck shop.  







The Rights Respecting Schools Award team met today.  We discussed our new website!  Don't forget to check it out!  


We have been looking at charities to help children's lives around the world.


Our Actions:-

We are going to around all the classes and tell them about the different children's charities we looked at.  Now it's your turn.  Which charity would you like to support.


Water Aide

Syrian Refugees



We have also got to encourage our teachers and children to put pictures on their class website to show Articles in Action.


See you next week!