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What does your child need to know? 

Year 2: x2, x5, x10 


Resource ideas  - 


•Print out and laminate the times table mats , alternatively print out and display the large times tables poster to aid solving times tables questions (both up to 12 x 12). (Tip - Create a handy travel size times table kit by cutting up the individual times tables from the mat, punching a hole through the corner of each then attaching together with a treasury tag).


•There are various versions of the multiplication square to help children solve multiplication calculations. This square also helps children to see number patterns within the various different times tables.


•Use these great 1 to 12 Times Tables Wheel Cut Outs to learn and practise all times tables. Children can check their own work using the answers.


•Print out the cards containing individual calculations and answers to help children learn their 3 times tables. You could also separate the sums and answers and turn this into a matching up activity. Cards come in sets for each times table.


•The Multiplication Wordsearch Worksheets test children on a range of questions within each times table. Children must then find the number word answer in the word search. These sheets are available for each times table.


•The Times Tables Matching Cards cover a selection of different times tables. Print out and laminate the cards, face them down and ask your child to try and pick 3 matching cards. One correct set will include the question, number answer and number word answer.


•There are different loop card sets covering 2, 5 and 10 times tables, 3 and 4 times tables, 6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables and the 6 and 8 times tables. These can be used like dominoes. See if your child can get back to where they started!


•These Multiplication Flash Cards come in sets up to 12 x 12. Test your child on individual times tables or a range of times tables to speed up mental recall.


•Building A House Multiplication Activity is a fun and creative way of learning times tables. A little like colour by numbers but with glue and scissors! This sheet comes in various times table versions.


•Colour by Multiplication is a creative way of practising times tables. Once completed, can your child create their own colour by multiplication sheet?


•The Multiplication Colour And Roll game is great for helping children think of multiples of different numbers. Roll the dice and colour a multiple of that number. The play with the most numbers coloured wins! (up to 2-6 times tables only) The harder version covers multiples of numbers up to 12 by rolling 2 dice.


•To work on any times table, play the Multiplication Race Board Game to speed up mental recall. •Make a Multiplication Spin Wheel to help children learn and test themselves on their times tables. Spinners are available in every times table.


•Become familiar with different words which mean the same as ‘times’ using these maths vocabulary cards.


•Use the acorn times tables matching cards to match the question and answers together. These cards cover the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.