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Summer Term


The children will be immersing themselves in a wishing tale called

‘The King of the Fishes’. 

They will then have a chance to innovate the story by changing parts of it and finally, using the structure they have learned, they will write their own wishing tale.


The children’s targets in English will be based on accurate use of punctuation and speech marks.

Spring Term


During the first half of the first week back after the Christmas break, the children will be writing a recount about their Christmas holiday.


In the next few weeks, the children will be focusing on settings and using descriptive language to add interest.  One of the first tasks will be to investigate the sort of language that authors use in their books to help the reader imagine where the story is set.  We will choose one book that particularly does not have much description, and will re-write it. We will use our typing skills to type up and edit our work using the computers. 


We are going to get to know the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’; a Rags to Riches story, with the view of changing the setting to one in a rainforest after investigations during Topic work.


Non-fiction focus will be on Recounts in the form of newspaper articles and persuasion texts; thinking about the issues with deforestation. 

Autumn Term 


So far this term, the children have been writing about their summer holiday in the form of a recount. 


In the next few weeks, the children will be introduced to a story called ‘Nail Soup’ and focusing on character descriptions.


In preparation for the Harvest Festival, the children will innovate a poem called 'Walking through the Playground'.


Children will be following a set of instructions to make a poppy wreath to honor the fallen soldiers that lost their lives in the war.  The children will investigate and analyse what needs to be included when writing a set of instructions and will transfer this knowledge when the next text is introduced.   


A ‘Defeat the monster’ tale will be the next genre focus in English.  The text is called 'What the Ladybird Heard', a story written by Julia Donaldson, the same author who wrote the Gruffalo.  The tale is of a ladybird that manages to defeat the two thieves that try to steal the fine prize cow.  The children will write a set of instructions in the form of directions for the thieves so that they take a wrong turn and land in the pond!