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Collective Worship and RE

Collective Worship


At St Peter's we have daily collective worships, normally taking place either in the school hall or in classes. During the COVID19 pandemic, we are holding these online through GoogleMeet. We have a strong link with our church and we have termly class visits to participate in active worship, that is then streamed back live to the other classes in school. Our year 4 children take a leading role in our worships and are responsible for lighting and extinguishing the candle, choosing and saying the prayers and discussing why we are assembling together.


Each week, we celebrate children's achievements related to each of the Christian values through our Star of the Week worships. The staff look for children who display a particular value well throughout the week. Every month we have a Celebration worship where we give out special curriculum certificates that celebrate Reading, Writing, Maths, Science, PE and our Christian values. We also celebrate children's achievements outside of school and encourage them to share extra curricular activities that they are proud of. Normally, parents are invited in to these special worships, but due to the pandemic this has unfortunately been halted; the parents attend these remotely. These children are celebrated in our weekly St Peters Post newsletter.


At St Peter's we love to sing and each class has a weekly singing assembly with Mrs Napper and we also sing during our collective worships throughout the week. During class worships we read stories from the Bible, that have been carefully planned to give the children an overview of the important moral stories and parables from the Bible. Children are given the opportunity to reflect on their collective worship through evaluations and are always encouraged to add to their class reflection diary. We are also lucky to have special visitors attend our school worships meetings.