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Coastal Champions

We are working towards turning our school into a Coastal Champion!

We are committed to making positive changes that have big benefits for local nature, waterways and coastal environments.



Through this exciting campaign, we are working closely with Somerset Wildlife Trust and Carymore Environmental Trust, Litter Free Coast and Sea Somerset, sharing messages and actions to include bathing water and marine litter issues.


There are lots of reasons for us to get involved! Through the Coastal Championship, we are finding out why cleaner beaches and seas and thriving coastal ecosystems are important.


• Sometimes environmental issues and their long-term impact can be hard to see.


• We know that what we throw away, flush down the toilet and pour down our sinks can block drains and sewers allowing litter and sewage to enter the sea after heavy rainfall, reducing the cleanliness of our coastal waters and  impacting water quality.


• BUT by working together, we can all make a positive difference to the natural environment that surrounds us and supports us!