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Aims and Values

Our Mission Statement

We aim to create a caring community based on strong Christian principles in the steps of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, in which your child can feel happy and secure and where your child’s intellectual, emotional and physical potential can develop to the full.


The ethos of our school is based around dome long established values and beliefs:

  • If children live with tolerance they learn to be patient.

  • If children live with encouragement they learn confidence.

  • If children live with praise they learn to appreciate.

  • If children live with fairness they learn justice.

  • If children live with security they learn to have faith.

  • If children live with approval  they learn to like themselves.


Each half term we concentrate on particular values in assemblies and lessons generally. There is a values cup awarded to the child in each class who has demonstrated the value most.


Our Christian Values:




2017 - 2018

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During the academic year 2016/17 we are taking a look at our school values and considering them carefully. We are involving all of our community in evaluating what we think are important values to promote and instill.


We have a form of daily worship either in class or as a whole school. This is a time when we focus on the value chosen for that term. This will be through stories, music, songs, reflection and prayer. Each curriculum area will in its own way also contribute to the development of our values.


Our School aims to develop children who:


Become highly motivated life long learners, working independently and with others by providing a well resourced curriculum within a bright and exciting environment.


Have high self esteem; respecting ourselves, each other and the environment by reinforcing good examples of behaviour.


Develop enquiring minds, a spirit of curiosity, creativity and resourcefulness by providing an enriching programme including visits and visitors, an investigative approach to learning and extra curricular activities.


Become well balanced individuals, spiritually, emotionally and socially by encouraging learning partnerships amongst ourselves, the Church, school, home and community.


Achieve the highest possible standards in all that we do by valuing, supporting, encouraging and challenging each other.