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This term, the children will be working on the topic of Rainforests.


In this Unit, children take a closer look at the mysteries of tropical rainforests. From the layers of the forest and its animal inhabitants, to the unique climate found in the tropics.


They compare a British forest with the Amazon rainforest, and begin to explore some of the conservation issues surrounding the destruction of rainforest habitats.



In science, children will be learning about animals, including humans. 


They will be able to identify that animals and humans need the right types and amounts of nutrition and that they get nutrition from what they eat as they cannot produce it themselves.




The topic theme is around dinosaurs and fossils.  


Children will:

  • Be able to give some reasons for particular events and changes in prehistoric time
  • Be able to use their knowledge and understanding to answers simple questions about the prehistoric past and changes
  • Understand that the past can be considered in terms of different time periods.





Science will be linked with the topic theme this term.  The science focus is on ‘Rocks’ and amongst other things, the children will investigate different types of rocks, what and what they are used for and use technical vocabulary. 


The children will have the opportunity to gather information from texts and understand the importance of gathering scientific information.