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A long time ago, a lonely little Dalmatian puppy sat outside the school. The puppy wanted to play with the children, but he was very shy. 


One day, the puppy followed two children home from school. Suddenly, he looked up!  He saw that the children's house was on fire. The puppy ran down the street to the fire station, barking all the way.


The puppy saw the firefighters jump on their trucks and leave.  He was very worried.
After the fire was out, the firefighters noticed the sad-looking puppy shivering under a tree.   Phillipa the Firefighter scooped him up into her arms.  “Where do you live?” she asked. 


Later, Phillipa took the puppy to see the children.  The puppy could barely believe his eyes.  The children were safe! They hugged the puppy and he wagged his tail.


Phillipa said she wanted to call him Sparky the Fire Dog because he was so brave.


Sparky found a new home at the fire station.
Sparky was very proud of his new name and loved his new home at the fire station. He worked hard to teach children and their families everywhere how to stop fires from happening.


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